Texas License To Carry a Handgun training offered in Arlington 
just 1 mile west of the new  "ATT Stadium".
Facilities in Arlington & NW Parker County for 5 hour course
for groups of 4 or more
Located 3.5 miles south of Poolville within 30 miles of Fort Worth, Bridgeport, Mineral Wells, Weatherford, Decatur, Azle, and Springtown
This page was last updated on: August 18, 2016
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The Concealed Handgun License and LTC in three easy steps: 
1. Take my course I will guide you through the paper work 
2. Register with DPS on line here
3. Submit paper work to RSD on line here
New CHL 4 Hr License & 1 Hr Firearm course 
$75 per person, $100 per couple
range fees are extra
We now accept credit and debit cards through PayPal!
Click on the PayPal link to go to PayPal's website please add 3% for credit card fees.
Account name is jonnie3249@sbcglobal.net
Ask about group and family discounts; and Military discount
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Jonnie York Instructor #01419410 founded CHL-Plus in 2005
Teaches in North Arlington, Poolville and at your location as long as there is a safe  legal range.
Jonnie York is a Texas Department of Public Safety CHL Certified Instructor # 01419410, Who has instructed people in shooting skills in the Metroplex for over 50 years. Having fired on the UTA rifle team in 1968 and 69 and served as a team captain. He assisted in the instruction and qualification of the ROTC classes both years. From 1968 until 1980 he served in and trained the officers and men of the 105th MP Battalion of the Texas State Guard. Some of whom are now local law enforcement officers and firearms instructors. In the 1980s and 90s he has shot with, trained with, and coached, nationally and internationally known champion target shooters. He has been a life member in the NRA, NAHC, and TSRA for over 22 years and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment and your right to defend yourself. This is not just a minimal course to get you your CHL; this is a comprehensive course to help you prepare yourself to survive a life and death situation. Police officers who have taken this course have compared it to police training courses, "a level above the average CHL course." See the referrals in our guest book and please feel free to leave your comments on your experiences with us.
To Begin Your Training Start With CHL-Plus
"Training is a Process, not an Event"

The 2013 Statutes require that the course should be no less than 4 hours of class time on the laws plus 1 hour firearm safety and proficiency training for the student to pass the course. We will start off with firearms training and marksmanship to be sure that everyone is familiar with handling there particular firearm when we go to the range we will go over them before hand. Under the 2011 DPS Qualification Course "any malfunctions that are encountered, the shooter will work through the problem and finish the course of fire in the allotted time." At 2:30 we will go to the "Shooting Gallery Range" for certification at an indoor airconditioned and climate controlled environment. We then return to the classroom and complete the 4 hour course. It is your responsible that you have received the required training and you must submit an affidavit to that effect you must download and read CHL-16.   As of March 1, 2011 Applicants must apply on line or download the application and forms and all fingerprinting must be digitally scanned by L1 at www.l1id.com or call(888)467-2080 for  an appointment. When you do your application on line sign up for L-1 at that time or you won't get another chance for 2 days and print a copy. Hyperlinks are at the bottom of this webpage for your use.

The first class is classroom covering: 12:30 Registration 
Handgun use and Marksmanship: 1  Hr 1:00 pm -2:00 pm 
Proper storage practices that eliminate the possibility of injury to a child
Range Proficiency: 1 Hr. 2:00-3:00 

The Final class is 3 hours of classroom covers:
The CHL Statutes and firearms laws: 1 Hr 3:00-4:00
Non Violent Dispute Resolution: 1Hr 4:00-5:00
Use of Force and Legal issues: 1Hr 5:00-6:00
Examination and certification: 6:00 pm 

 There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that goes along with carrying a firearm in public and far more training is necessary than can be given in a 4-6 hour course. This is a start that is adequate to get your license and will guide you in continuing your training process formally or informally. 
This is an important decision that you are making and should not be taken lightly. The majority of the course is teaching you how to keep from using your handgun and guide you in saving yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees and still protecting your life and preserve the lives of other persons. Get the most you can from your CHL course, after all, you are paying for it! It is information you may need some day. The last thing you want is having to use your firearm and then hear the other person's attorney in the court room refer to your "OUT OF STATE DISCOUNT CHL". Do it right, get the training, get the real deal a Texas CHL with all the training.
Registered Class Dates and Times at 503 Alaska St., Arlington, TX 76011 (North Arlington) and 
Sign up early, this class room is limited to 6 people. For larger groups we will need time to arrange for another location. Advance payment checks can be mailed to Jonnie York, 503 Alaska St., Arlington, TX. 76011

Range Time is 2:30pm for all  Saturday courses and held at the Shooting Gallery indoor Range Fees $11 to $16.

New License 4 hour course Saturday 1:00pm till 6:30pm
Proficiency demonstration Saturday 2:30 (Shooting Gallery 6062-A E Lancaster Fort Worth, TX 76112)
Class to be held at 503 Alaska St., Arlington, TX 76011 (North Arlington) We will carpool to the range.

The scheduled 2016 Saturday range dates are;

                    August 6, 2016

                    August 20, 2016

                    September 3, 2016

                    September 17, 2016

                    October 1, 2016

                    October 15, 2016

                    November 12, 2016 

                    December 3, 2016

                    December 17, 2016

If you can not attend these times or dates, other class dates and times can be arranged and my time is flexible. We can teach classes for as little as 6 people at your location if a safe 15 yard range is available on your property and it is legal to shoot there. We have a range in North Parker County that can be used.

One day courses and camping retreat courses can be scheduled on any dates not scheduled in NORTH ARLINGTON above at our Parker County facility located between Peaster and Poolville within 20 miles of Weatherford, Lake Worth, Springtown, Mineral Wells, Bridgeport and Azle, Texas.
Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors Association website
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The fight will not be as you want it to be; it will be like it is; you must be flexible and adapt!
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
Department of Public Safety Website
Register Online Here
5 Easy Steps 
The fastest ways to get your CHL
1. Register online & notaries at the DPS website 
2. Sign up for our next course by using the course registration  button or call me to start a new course
3. DPS uses your drives lisense photos 
4. Complete the course and obtain form CHL-100
5. Get finger prints taken at L1 www.l1id.com  or call (888)467-2080 for appointment.
6. Email in your documentation to RDS at:  https://www.txdps.state.tx.us/RDS/contact/default.aspx 
Go to the Paypal site to pay for a class with a credit card
E-mail jonnie3249@sbcglobal.net
or jon@chl-plus.com
The Cost 
(No Hidden Fees)
The max to get your 4 to 5 year license with no special conditions is $190 and a box of shells.
Our services total$70 for new applicants includes range fees
DPS application fee    $140 without special conditions and $70 for renewal

Click here to go to DPS web site for a complete list of discounts for special conditions.
Seniors(60+) or Veteran $70Active or Reserve Military fees waivedActive or Retired  Peace officer $25

We have 9mm and 40 cal. Beretta and Glock handguns to qualify with for $10 cleaning fee plus ammunition.
The greatest complement an instructor can get is a referral. View the entries in our guest book and add your referral.
Click here for a course registration form on line
Click here for a course registration form on line
Go to PayPal.com and send payment to jonnie3249@sbcglobal.net
Go to PayPal.com and send payment to jonnie3249@sbcglobal.net
A CHL-Plus one day course can be scheduled for any date not scheduled above in Parker County at 360 Jakes Ln. Poolville, TX 76487 for groups of 4 or more  (Except hunting season). 
Use the registration button below to sign up or call 817-991-7039
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Click here for a course registration form on line
Department of Public Safety Website
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Questions and Answers 
Can't find the answer to a CHL question email me and I will try to find the answer for you. 
Q.  Can I get an out of state nonresident license and carry in Texas? F.D.
A.  Save your money this is a loop hole that could end up costing you a lot of more. Most states are closing the loop hole by requiring that you must hold your home state license before they will issue their nonresident license. The state ID card presented to the Pease officer demanding identification must be issued by the same state that issued the CHL. (Texas DL would not work with Utah nonresident CHL)
Q.  If I get my CHL and I have 1 beer on the way home I can be considered intoxicated without a CHL .008? J.H.
A.  It is not the CHL that makes you eligible to be considered intoxicated it is the accessibility of the firearm after having consumed alcohol.
If you are going to be drinking it is best to leave the gun at home or lock it up in a safe in the trunk.
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Q.  Can I qualify with my 5.7? R.B.
A.  No, the 5.7 is a more powerful handgun than required but the state goes by a minimum caliber of .32 inches, 5.7mm is .22 caliber,32 is 8 mm.
Official Course of Fire
Shooting Gallery Range
Poolville  Class Room
York Hill Range

Need a FFL Transfer
Robert Phillips, FFL
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Plus ask for
Extra $10 Discount
with CHL-Plus License