.3" thick from freezer grade cardboard
For loading shot shells in the 44 magnum, 44 special, and 45 long colt cartridges without using the shot capsule.

The load that I use is to take a primed 44 magnum case, put 9 to 10 grains of ball pistol powder in the case, then seat a wad on the powder with a 38 case, fill the rest of the case with # 8 or 9 shot (that would be about 1/3 ounce) then seat another wad on top of the shot. Then seal it off with enamel or nail polish. Then run it through your resizer die.
I have found that the pattern holds together good if you keep powder down and spread in about 1" per foot of range. 
I have wads for sale for $4.00/100 plus shipping & handling